Ray-Ban round frame sunglasses

Retro is popular, round lens is no stranger to us, the most representative character is John Lennon, in fact, there are many old movies can also see a lot of people wearing such sunglasses, or ordinary glasses. Select the frame according to individual face, some people like more complex design, while others feel that simple models are suitable.

Ray-Ban is a very good retro sunglasses, but it is extremely frequent exposure, this time, there are always some people like maverick, round frame sunglasses is a good choice, it is the most fashionable retro fashion items, round makes it looks very cute, whether it is T station or street shooting have emerged a large number of round sunglasses, and with the Olsen twins and Sienna Miller wear it frequently, once again pushed it to the forefront of fashion.

2009 autumn and winter T stage, perhaps large and ornate accessories let you ignore this inconspicuous round sunglasses. Proenza Schouler with a little mechanical metal round frame sunglasses, you can say it is the product of science fiction movies, it can be said that it is full of futuristic beauty, even a bit like aliens; and Dries Van Noten and Ralph Lauren, etc also have black sunglasses works, focus on the frame design, Noten biased in cool feeling, and Lauren’s work is with the aristocratic retro.

There are many people on the street fall in love with it, most of them take the simple style, coupled with retro glasses. Old movie plot reproduction, it seems very casual, but it can bring a strong energy field. On the frame selection, there are actually a lot of love with round glasses with colored frame, like Rayban, fluorescent color looks very young.

If you want surprisingly, round sunglasses really is a good choice, really quite catch up with the current retro trend, and looks very interesting. Or can be said to have the effect of changing the mood.

Select the frame according to individual face, some people like more complex design, while others feel that simple models are suitable. As for the choice of lens, gradient color is more fashionable, dark is still elegant, and light-colored avant-garde, according to personal clothing to decide.

Please note: a round face who do not easily try round frame glasses, especially the perfect circle! You can consider some of the partial rectangle or slightly curved sunglasses.

For the clothes, in fact, choose simple basic models is OK, because the focus on the glasses, do not let the clothes to seize the focus too much. Neutral style or modern design will not let the whole look blankly. If it is a party, you can consider more modern retro disco style, add some metal elements, so it looks very glamourous. Holiday moments equally easy to use, casual, a change of mood, walk with sunshine.

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